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Here at Forties Connect we are all about connecting people who are looking for more than just a date. We aim to help people find someone worth inviting into their lives.

There’s so much to love and be passionate about in life; we look to make magical connections happen, so people can find a partner worth sharing these passions with, and discover new ones together.

“Neither of us ever thought in a million years that we’d meet someone who we’d end up marrying, but we did. It really does happen!”– Sue and Darren

“Thank you for helping me find the man of my dreams. I didn’t think I'd ever find the happiness I have with Wayne, but I’m over the moon!”– Wayne and Zarina

“We chatted and I noticed that he had the same wicked sense of humour as me. He had me in fits of laughter and I thought, I have to meet him.”– Wendy

“One glance and I knew it was going to be a good date. We stayed and chatted for over 3 hours and even forgot to eat.”– Adrian and Tara

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I love to travel to the most unusual places. I rode a motorcycle from Dubai to the UK. - Peter, 49
I have a great career and work very hard. I love being an important part of the most amazing and successful team. - Carolina, 48
The scariest thing I’ve done is backpacking around the States when I was younger. It was an adventure though! - Louise, 47
In my spare time I create art, painting mainly. I enjoy visiting galleries, music, film, theatre. - Jack, 49

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